April 2015


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Fight for it ❤️

Tento rok sa celkom do toho helthy living pustila. V jedení mám silné medzery, ale aspoň v cvičení sa celkom držím. Začala som robiť niekedy v janurári BBG program a už sa blížim ku koncu, bohužiaľ nejaké silné zmeny nevidím, no aj tak sa chcem ďalej držať a aspoň program dokončiť. Na druhú stranu za to, že nevidím výsledky si môžem sama, pretože som sa nejako nesnažila. Aktuálne dokončujem 9 týždeň a uvažujem čo po tom:
a) skončiť so všetkým
b) urobiť ešte raz BBG 1
c) pokračovať s BBG 2
d) vytvoriť si vlastný plán
Ešte nedávno som počítala s možnosťou b), ale teraz mi je bližšia úplne posledná. Prvú možnosť samozrejme okamžite vylučujem. Ale teraz už k článku, zhromaždila som si sem niekoľko cielou, ktoré chcem dosiahnuť, mám ho rozpísaný už asi 2 roky, ale teraz už som s ním konečne stotožnená.

Chcem pribrať, moje bmi je žalostné (14.88). Problém je ale aj v tom, že mám rýchli metabolismus (ako som sa dočítala a dáva to dokonca zmyseľ), takže priberanie je ťažké. Jasné, môžem sa snažiť pribrať aj prežeraním, ale po výzoru tehotného plameniaka naozaj netúžim.


Ako už som hovorila, netúžim vyzerať ako tehotný plameniak. Navyše, ktoré dievča netúži po plochom brušku?

Ohybnosť bol môj veľký problém vždy. Od tej doby, čo chodím na balet, sa snažím túto moju slabosť zlepšovať a síce to ide pomali, ale ide. Môj ciel je urobiť

Aj balanc patrí k mojim slabostiam. Ale opäť mi balet pomáha to prekonávať, polovičku vecí by som nezvládla ak by som mala zlý balanc, teda nehovorím, že je dobrý, ale je lepší.
Yoga beach

Vždy som mala slabé ruky a stále sa ma to drží, neurobím ani klik až k zemi.

Tu som celkom halfway there, v 3. pozícii vidím krásne stehná, aj keď sú strašne chudé, aspoň trochu svaly tam mám.

A teraz už len random obrázky :D :)


That ARThletic Girl-

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Sometimes I hate how simple it sounds because people think simple=easy, but it’s anything but easy. :C
All day, err day. This has been a pb&b sandwich appreciation post.
I think we all did this during the Olympics. haha.

So start where you are, right now, and don’t wait for things to get worse before you do something about them! ;)
This one’s for me because I was dying doing level 2 of RI30 this morning when the fact that some people are just fine doing nothing to stay in shape while I, on the other hand, need to do a million plank jacks crossed my mind and it really killed my motivation. I felt like Jon Snow, brooding and bitter because the world is unfair to bastards and girls with ‘fat genes’.
fireskink: arthlete: If you told me a few years ago that someday I’d be quoting Miley Cyrus, I would’ve laughed in your face. Never say never, folks. yes because a white chick in tiny shorts with an impossibly skinny waist is truly the way to bring home this quote and make everyone believe they are beautiful. And make sure the butt is immaculate it has to be a butt everyone would like and would feel bad for saying such a mean thing to oh wait that’s kind of missing the point. Here let’s try this again. Add a different butt guys, let’s make a string of butts that actually mean something. No hollywood butts and non-existent waistlines that only further people’s negative views of themselves allowed.
Yeah, just do it. Don’t make this pink girl any madder. Quote suggested by sycamorethrone
Y u crop out my watermark? >:(
I don’t know why, but I find Chalene Johnson a far better motivator than Jillian Michaels. When Chalene says I’m not tired, I believe her. With Jillian…let’s put it this way: I can mute her and it wouldn’t make much difference to my performance. :/ Quote suggested by monikalopez3, whose awesome results with TF convinced me to give it a try :)
I think you can easily tell by my posts when I’m having some confidence issues, haha.
..so is lack of it.
nutrisupsworldwide: So you know what you have to do … NUTRI-SUPS : TUMBLR | | FACEBOOK | | WEBSITE
ginnysdream: he looks like my boyfriend. ^__^ Cutie in a hoodie? Christ Almighty, what was I thinking
Unpopular opinion? I don’t know. :/
I didn’t even notice thigh gaps before I joined Tumblr.
Good morning! TurboFire in 15 minutes. Kill me nowww. :’<
It’s one of those days. :|
A little motivation for everyone, except those who don’t like me. *evil laugh* Quote suggested by ariesearth
weight-a-second: my-wishful-shrinking: Giving credit where credit is due. Stop changing the source people. ^^^ ^^^
Some words of wisdom from TurboFire! You know what they say: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”
Quote suggested by justalilfitter I have so many things to do and draw but I always end up making these little drawings. It’s either I’m a procrastinating idiot or I just really love you all. I’m hoping it’s the latter. :/
Unless you’re one of those people who can eat what ever they flipping want and not put on any weight. God I can’t stand those people. Kidding! (Actually no I’m not kidding) Quote suggested by 101success
Getting an itch to draw at 2 in the morning is a real bitch but at least I get to post something new so, yay? :3 (Girl referenced from a photo of Jordin Sparks, current favorite celeb fitspo. Quote sort of from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, a really motivating documentary.)
boylovesseasideweightloss: OK Watermark removed again? Sigh.
newerhealthierme: fit-yoga: arthlete: 233point5lbs: this looks really thinspo unhealthy to me like looks to be physically fit and the fact that she is frowning at her food that we are assuming is unhealthy micky ds but for all we know could be okay food stuffs it upsetting ^ haha lol lean burgers aren’t bad, if you go to the butcher and ask for a 90-10 steak and have him grind it into a burger, it’s about as good for you as chicken… without the fat you don’t have the cholesterol, red meat is LOADED with vit. A as well, and can even help with oral hygene (studies show those who eat medium rare or rare red meats are less likely to have cavities and gingivitis). so that burger?  probably a lean patty or chicken/turkey/blackbean/tofu burger.   those fries?  sweet potato fries baked, not fried… and that’s a 32oz water, not coke.. DUHHH. and shes tired after her run, not sad… see how her hair is up and she’s in training clothes? I’m sorry to say this, but you’re an idiot. Okay, maybe you’re not because in fairness to you you’re in college, but that comment did make you sound like one. How can you honestly look at this picture and read the words in it and think that that burger has a lean 90-10 steak patty she herself had ordered from the butcher, that those are healthy baked sweet potatoes, and that that tall glass has water in it? Why would she look like she’s about to eat a thousand calories she knows is pure shit if that were the case? And how incredible that you can deduce from her hair and choice of clothes that she’s tired because she just went for a run when these things didn’t even cross my mind while I was making this. You know, sometimes when the writer says the curtains are blue, he just means they’re fucking blue. DUHHH.
So fucking true I can’t even. (Quote not mine!)
Well this is hypocritical of me because I skipped my run and just stayed in bed all day reading Gendrya fics online and watching the first two seasons of Skins. :/ (Quote not mine!)
Quote suggested by livingtransit
I tried this recipe from Runner’s World magazine today and it was awesome, so I thought I’d share!
I unintentionally worked out three times today! Mid-afternoon I decided to do my usual evening treadmill and dvd workout because I had nothing better to do. Then my mom decided to do some gardening so I volunteered to water the plants. I didn’t know that the water hose was broken so I ended up lugging 21 pails of water around our garden. It was a great strength exercise, haha. And then my aunt texted me asking if I want to go for an evening run with her, and although I was a little tired already and didn’t really need another workout, I said yes because she doesn’t run by herself so if I said no she wouldn’t go at all. Anything for the sake of fitness, yeah? :)
Good morning! And thanks to everyone who replied to my last post! I’m as close to actually doing it as Gendry was to dying in S02E04. :P
High five if you first heard this quote in A Cinderella Story. :P
Am I boring you with these girls yet?
Probably the best motivational quote in the history of motivational quotes!
This one’s for me. I had the shittiest March ever, food-wise. My 12-year-old self would be appalled to hear this, but I hate having a curious baker for an aunt. Cakes everywhere! :C
Everyday, starting tomorrow! Will sleep in my workout clothes now. Good night! :)
Please don’t use my artworks without my permission. Just because they’re on the internet doesn’t mean no one owns them and you’re free to do whatever you want with them. :(